Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023: Price, Consumption, PHOTOS, Datasheet

The Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023 launch is about the same as the recently launched Asian model. Wider and more spacious, the Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023 has features that resemble the brand’s more luxurious models. Check out details of the new Onix Sedan in the following article.

New Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023

In terms of the look of the new Onix Sedan , the front is a bit reminiscent of the Tracker, with similar headlights and wider front grille. With modern and bold lines, also reminds the Cruze.

In the side windows, a thin chrome line further enhances the concept of luxury, but only for the high-end version.

The taillights of the Onix Sedan 2023 have gained conventional halogen lamps and advance over the trunk.

The high-end version of the sedan still has a 4G internet router in the option pack. The wheelbase exceeded the hatch, with an exact 2.60 m.

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Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023 Serial Items

The trunk of the new Onix is 470 liters, slightly smaller than the Prisma, which has 500 liters. The trunk has a goose-neck hinged lid.

The launch’s design is virtually identical to the Chinese model, which features state-of-the-art MyLink system, sports seats, leather steering wheel, and other items.

Check out the main series items of the new Onix Sedan 2023 :

  • 16 inch wheels
  • Knobs with physical buttons
  • Reverse camera
  • Parking Sensor
  • Center mirror with Onstar system
  • 4G Internet
  • Multimedia center
  • Side airbags
  • Digital air conditioner
  • Stability control
  • Traction control
  • Ramp Match Assistant
  • Among others.

Remember that items like Isofix car seat, pressure sensor, air conditioning purification system, rear obstacle sensor and sports seats will be among the optional items of the new Onix Sedan .

2023 Chevrolet Onix Sedan Datasheet

Regarding the mechanics of the Chevrolet Onix Sedan , the high-end versions will be equipped with a new 1.0 three-cylinder turbo engine, together with a six-speed automatic transmission.

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The entry-level versions will have a 1.0-cylinder three-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission. Check out the mechanization of the Onix Sedan 2023 release :

  • Engine: Ecotec 325T Intelligent Direct Injection (1.0 Turbo) 125 hp and maximum torque of 180 Nm
  • Six-speed Dynamic Start / Stop Shift (DSS) Transmission
  • Length (mm): 4474
  • Width (mm): 1730
  • Height (mm): 1471
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2600
  • Gauge (front / rear) (mm): 1494/1498
  • Cure Quality (kg): 1120
  • Wheel: 16 inches
  • Tire: 195 / 55R16
  • Minimum Turning Diameter (m): 10.4
  • Spare tire: T115 / 70R15 90M
  • Tank Volume (L): 36
  • Luggage Volume (L): 469L
  • Displacement (mL): 1.0
  • Maximum power (hp / rpm): 125/5800
  • Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 180 / 1350-4000
  • Traction: Front
  • Top Speed: 180
  • Acceleration 0 ~ 100 km / h (s): 10.9
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5: 1
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Consumption at 90km / h (Km / l): 27
  • McPherson Suspension Independent Suspension / Non-Independent Torsion Beam
  • Brake System (Front / Rear): Front Drum
  • Steering System: Electric Impulse

2023 Chevrolet Onix Sedan

This is one of the most striking details in the Onyx 2023 release . Average fuel consumption of this Chevrolet covers:

  • average 20.4 km / l.

Inmetro will also disclose whether this average refers to urban or road consumption.

Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2023 Price

Prices for the Redline version of the new Chevrolet Onix sedan start:

  • from $ 18 thousand.

If you have more information about the new Onix 2023 we will let you know soon.

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