2023 Tesla Model X: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

2023 Tesla Model X – a crossover of prohibitive power. Tesla Model X Performance is the most powerful crossover in the company’s model lineup and the fastest SUV in the world. Powered by batteries with a capacity of 100 kWh, the electric SUV is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, that is, with performance that many supercars cannot boast.

2023 Tesla Model X

Vehicle speed is limited to around 250 km / h, possibly to protect the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries from excessive wear and tear. Therefore, it can be assumed that the mark of 250 km / h is only part of the speed potential of the Tesla Model X . This type of car is usually classified as a “charged” version, that is, as a car with increased capabilities.

2023 Tesla Model X

Comfortable Sprinter 2023 Tesla Model X

For all its power, the Tesla Model X remains a mass-produced electric crossover that retains the best of the less “fast-paced” versions. This is a full-fledged 7-seater SUV, with a spacious interior, comfortable passenger boarding, and a spacious trunk. Calm driving on it brings only positive emotions. It is very comfortable, ergonomic suspension, tuned for a comfortable ride, literally absorbs all the bumps in the road. But if you press the accelerator pedal, be prepared for an explosion of emotions. The car literally takes off, instantly picking up speed. The agility of an electric car is a real challenge for drivers who appreciate high-speed drive.

Features of the model

In addition to its sporty character with amazing dynamics, Tesla Model X is interesting as a car of exclusive design and rich equipment.

The main design “trick” of the crossover is the rear side doors “wing of the falcon”. A very unusual and interesting way of opening doors, but at the same time convenient and simple. Many complained about the impracticality of this approach, but the specificity is that the doors do not open at full swing (as was done in previously popular cars), but first rise to a certain height and only then “spread the wings”. Thus, there is enough space within 30 cm of a nearby vehicle to allow the doors to open and get in / out of the vehicle.

Another feature of the model is the autopilot. A revolutionary system that truly drives the car independently. A set of several cameras, a navigation system with constant updates, radars, and sensor sensors help her in this.

The Tesla Model X has software specially developed for the technical characteristics of the car. The main difference from other software modifications is the increased data processing speed, deep system diagnostics, quick updates, and an additional set of applications for installation.

2023 Tesla Model X safety

The Tesla Model X crossover is a safe car. There is a full complement of all active safety systems, including an emergency braking mode and a package of 12 airbags. The only thing that makes an electric car unsafe is the power that only experienced drivers can handle.

Photos Salon 2023 Tesla Model X

Price 2023 Tesla Model X

Trims and Pricing 2023 Tesla Model X starts at $ 88,800.

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