2023 Tesla Model S BEV: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

2023 Tesla Model S BEV (Premium) is one of the latest modifications of Tesla’s S series electric vehicles. The electric car has a range of 632 km – an absolute record among all existing electric cars.

2023 Tesla Model S BEV

In the race for electromobility, no company has even come close to the capabilities of this vehicle.
Visually, the Tesla Model S Premium differs little from the more affordable version with a 90 kW • h battery, the same body, identical performance indicators, a similar all-wheel drive transmission. That is, the car has retained all its advantages: a rigid body, excellent handling, a rather soft ride even on huge 21-inch disks.

2023 Tesla Model S BEV

2023 Tesla Model S BEV Interior

The interior has retained the austerity familiar to the S series. The center console is occupied by the familiar 17-inch capacitive touchscreen display, there are still few buttons and mechanical controls. The seats are designed in ergonomic style, traditional for Tesla Model S. The interior is spacious and light, especially on models with a panoramic roof. The trunk remains roomy and is able to take a solid amount of luggage.

2023 Tesla Model S BEV Options

The equipment of the car includes LED optics, autopilot, navigation system, Internet access, climate control, several premium interior trim and roof design options.

Power reserve 2023 Tesla Model S BEV

Thus, we conclude that the main advantage of the Tesla Model S (Premium) is the increased range, which in itself is a convincing improvement. Agree that not every car, even with an internal combustion engine, will be able to drive 600 km without refueling.

As a result, the Tesla Model S is an electric vehicle with tremendous potential and is suitable for long-distance travel, even in countries where the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is in its infancy.

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