2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

The 2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV is the fourth model from Tesla, which the manufacturer positions itself as its most massive and most affordable model. This does not mean that the company wants to relinquish its status as a premium leader in the electric vehicle market, but rather an attempt at the expense of Tesla Model 3 to enable a wider audience to get acquainted with the company’s products.

Exterior of electric car 2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV

The Tesla Model 3 design is the cornerstone of the model’s success that the company counts on. Creating a visual image of an electric vehicle is a huge part of all design work. Thinking how an affordable Tesla Model 3 electric car, at the same time, had to retain the chic and hint of premium quality inherent in the company’s products.

2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV

At the same time, the electric car had to look spectacular, but without unnecessary frills.
In principle, all this was successfully recreated, the outside of the Tesla Model 3 looks great, it does not look like any other car, but it is immediately associated with Tesla. The main emphasis is on ease of perception, many glass surfaces, including a darkened almost completely glass roof, clearly drawn rounded lines, a static sharp spoiler, wheel arches, everything looks concise, simple, but not without graceful showiness.

2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV

It may seem that the car is quite trivial, but this is far from the case, such a study of the external sketch, perhaps, is not found in any modern electric car. There is no hint of “the simpler, the better”, but rather, on the contrary, “external simplicity is deceiving” and hides a huge amount of work and enormous internal potential. In appearance, the designers managed to maintain a balance of perception on the verge of accessibility and fashionableness.

Outside, the electric car does not raise questions, such as “why did you choose the Tesla Model 3, that there was not enough money for the Model S?”, You can immediately see that the car was bought because this is exactly the model that the owner wanted, regardless of budget and status.

The electric car is compact, but this is not a forced compactness to fit into a particular class, the dimensions rather personify the image than are created within the framework of some kind of practicality, especially since they are deceptive, since they successfully hide the interior space of the car. The design approach of “spacious interior with external oversize” is fully revealed in the Tesla Model 3, perhaps even the best in the industry.

Another important design point is aerodynamics, with this there is complete order here, a car that can accelerate to a hundred in 5 seconds and a little can not have poor streamlining of the body. For the sake of improving aerodynamics, the model lacks the usual air intakes and even a hint or imitation of such an atavism in modern electric vehicles as a radiator grill.

Tesla Model 3 interior

A modern driver is a priori selfish, he values personal comfort, while forgetting a little about passengers and often takes the car for himself. In Tesla Model 3, this aspect is taken into account and resolved by a compromise, which, however, does not mean that all the space in the cabin was divided equally and everyone sitting inside is in parity. Far from it, there are also priorities here and the person sitting behind the wheel is in some way even the main one, nevertheless the interior is designed in such a way that everyone feels in his place in it.

In the Tesla Model 3, the driver, front and rear passengers are given the amount of space that allows them to comfortably spend time in accordance with the occupied position. Equally comfortable, you can sit in the driver’s seat, to the right of him and in the back row. There is no desire to get into the front passenger seat as soon as possible, because the back is cramped or there is little space, thanks to the glass roof there is enough space, sometimes driving behind is even more interesting and exciting than in front. Yes, this is not a business class sedan, but also not a budget subcompact designed for short-term torment of rear passengers.

Visually, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 bears little resemblance to the interior of a traditional car. The electric car control panel is the highest degree of fanatical (in a good way) minimalism. It is absolutely symmetrical, completely devoid of buttons, knobs or any moving parts, only the turn signal paddle switches and the gear selector have been preserved, otherwise all control is displayed on the center console presented in the format of a huge 15-inch rectangular touch screen.

The front seats are very comfortable, despite the American origin of the electric car, the seats are balanced, have proper lateral support and a sufficiently deep seating position to adjust them to accommodate people of any height. The back row is also good, there is a lot of legroom, head room, shoulders, and it is very comfortable to move in the back row of the Tesla Model 3 at any distance.

The ergonomics for luggage in the “three” are thought out even better than in the Model S. There are side door pockets, a small shelf under the touch screen, the luggage compartment is smaller than that of the older model, but can be increased due to folding rear seats increasing to quite impressive volumes. In addition to the rear, the Tesla Model 3 also has a front trunk, so in terms of loading capacity, the car will give odds to many classmates.

The materials of the interior trim are represented by high quality fabric upholstery, expensive plastic, aluminum and wood. In general, everything varies from the selected configuration, there may be leather, alcantara, carbon, fabric made from recycled materials and this is far from the limit.

The steering wheel in the Tesla Model 3 is also quite specific, there are no familiar buttons, only two joysticks that control the basic parameters of the audio system.
There are no usual air vents in the car either; they are replaced by a ventilation hole running over the wood trim along the entire length of the front panel. The rest of the holes are hidden, the general control of the climate system, as well as everything else, is carried out from the central display.

Photo 2023 Tesla Model 3 BEV

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