2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

The main idea of the new electric car 2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV is the combination of two cars in one. In City mode, the Renault Morphoz is a compact electric crossover with a length of 4.4 meters and a wheelbase of 2.73 meters. The power of the electric motor is 136 hp. from. (100 kW), and a 40 kWh battery allows you to drive up to 400 km on a single charge.

2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV

To switch to the “Travel” mode Renault Morphoz will need to go through metamorphoses at a special station (as shown in the video below).

The electric car expands in the area of the A-pillar, the base extends to 2.93 meters. An additional 50 kWh battery is installed in the freed space in a few seconds. Due to this, the cruising range is increased to 700 km, and the maximum power is up to 218 liters. from. (160 kW).

The tailgate also moves to increase the volume of the luggage compartment. The total length of the car reaches 4.8 meters.

2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV Specs

The City variant has a 40 kW * h battery, a power reserve of about 400 kilometers on a single charge in an economical city mode, and an electric motor power of 136 horsepower.

2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV

The Travel variant, which is longer, additionally has a Travel Extender battery of 50 kWh – this increases the total energy reserve to 90 kWh. The range without recharging for this version of the crossover-transformer is 700 kilometers on the highway, and the power of the electric motor due to the increased efficiency of the two batteries increases to 217 horsepower.

Such an electric transformer is equally well suited for urban and suburban trips. This is quite unusual – we know that economical city electric cars feel uncomfortable on the autobahns and generally cannot go any far along them. And then – when leaving the city, they added an additional battery to the MORPHOZ at the charging station, advanced aerodynamics – and forward along the highway! Moreover, the process of adding a battery takes much less time than filling a conventional car with gasoline! Upon arrival at the destination, the additional battery is returned to the local charging station, where it is prepared for the next long journey.

2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV appearance

The body of the concept has an elegant ivory metal finish and Electric Yellow details contrasting with the glossy black of the interior.

In terms of appearance, the headlights of this crossover-transformer have been replaced with a completely new lighting option for cars – this is a strip across the entire width of the front of the body – LivingLights. There are holes in the hood of an electric vehicle through which the crossover is cooled. As a matter of fact – “nostrils” in humans. Rearview mirrors are replaced by vision cameras.

The rims are quite large – 22 inches. Wide, fully enclosed wheels improve aerodynamic flow and efficiency. The tires are optimized to reduce drag. The innovative architecture features a long wheelbase with wheels at the very corners of the vehicle, reduced overhangs and a flat floor.

2023 Renault Morphoz CMF-EV interior

In the interior decoration, environmentally friendly materials were used, created from recycled materials – wood, fabric and plastic.

The interior of the crossover is very interesting – there is an exclusive and unusual steering wheel with a 10.2-inch screen located on it, which displays the dashboard data for the driver. Two more screens are available on the LivingScreen pull-out panel. If you wish, you can expand the rather impressive L-shaped display around the steering wheel! The multimedia system, of course, has support for 5G networks.

But what about the seats in this unusual car? The seat of the passenger sitting in front turns to face the passengers sitting in the back (and at the same time he can easily communicate with them). But the driver is deprived of this privilege, since the concept of the third level autopilot does not imply the possibility of complete distraction from the road. The MORPHOZ concept is designed to be able to create a production car tomorrow based on existing technologies.

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