2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

The 2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV is the third version of the Taycan electric model, which is marketed as an entry-level model. The electric car differs from the top versions in characteristics and individual design elements.

2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV Battery and Powertrain

The Porsche Taycan 4S is presented in two versions, which are equipped with batteries and power plants of different capacities:

The Performance version delivers peak power with Launch Control of 390 kW (530 hp) and comes with a basic 79.2 kWh single-tier battery.
The Performance Plus version has a peak output of 420 kW (571 hp) with Launch Control and is equipped with the top-of-the-line 93.4 kWh high-performance “two-tier” battery.

In both variants, the Taycan 4S accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km / h. The range of the electric car is 407 km with the Performance battery and 463 km with the Performance Plus battery (according to the WLTP cycle).

In both versions, the Taycan 4S uses an all-wheel drive twin-engine transmission with permanent magnet synchronous motors on both axles and a two-speed gearbox mounted on the rear axle, similar to other models in the range.

2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV

Fantastic acceleration, typical sports car traction and the ability to drive for a long time with high power – all these advantages of the Taycan are also provided by the new 4S.

The Taycan 4S features a 130 mm long synchronous electric motor on the rear axle (80 mm shorter than the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo), which is more compact, which leads to a reduction in vehicle weight. The switching inverter on the front axle in the Taycan 4S operates at up to 300 A, and on the rear axle up to 600 A.

The Taycan 4S is fitted as standard with adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology and electronically controlled Porsche Active Suspension Management.

Charging the 2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV

The electric vehicle is available for high-speed DC charging with a maximum power of 225 kW for the Performance version and 270 kW for the Performance Plus. With any of the batteries and under ideal conditions, charging from 5% to 80% of the battery capacity can occur in just 22.5 minutes.

Design 2023 Porsche Taycan 4S BEV

The Taycan heralds a new era with its striking and uncluttered design. At the same time, it carries the unmistakable Porsche genes. Seen from the front, the car appears particularly wide and squat, with pronounced fenders. The silhouette is defined by the sporty sloping roofline.

The expressive shapes of the side surfaces also give the electric vehicle its distinctive look. The narrow upper body, tapered C-pillars and wide fenders emphasize the powerful rear end that is typical of Porsche. Added to this are innovative elements such as the glass-styled Porsche lettering integrated into the light strip at the rear.

The Taycan 4S is distinguished by its aerodynamically optimized 19-inch Taycan S Aero wheels and red painted brake calipers, compared to other versions of the model. The car also has a new geometry for the front apron, individual side sills and a black rear diffuser. LED optics including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) are standard equipment.

Taycan 4S unique interior design

The clearly structured cockpit with a completely new architecture also represents the beginning of a new era. The separate arched instrument panel forms the highest point at the front. This emphasizes the focus on the driver.

Inside, the Taycan 4S comes standard with a partially leather interior and 8-way electrically adjustable front seats. The base vehicle also features a central 10.9-inch infotainment display and an optional passenger display, which are combined into a single glass black panel.

For the first time, Porsche is offering the Taycan a completely leather-free finish. Trim components made from an innovative recycled material emphasize the eco-friendly character of the electric sports car.

Centralized chassis control system
Porsche uses a centralized networked control system for the Taycan chassis. The integrated Porsche 4D Chassis Control analyzes and synchronizes all individual suspension systems in real time. On the Taycan 4S, adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology, including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), is fitted as standard.

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