2023 Peugeot Partner Electric: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

2023 Peugeot Partner Electric is an ordinary, but unique car in its own way. Despite being a standard cargo van, it belongs to a very small segment of electric vans, competition in which is limited to a few models, and in this category, the electric vehicle with the parameters of Peugeot Partner Electric is one of the favorites in the industry. What can an electric Frenchman boast of?

Electric Peugeot Partne Specifications

Since Peugeot Partner Electric is a van, that is, a commercial vehicle, you should not expect great power and huge dynamics from it. Indeed, the car’s electric motor has a power of 67 hp. and has a top speed of 110 km / h. Not mind-blowing numbers, but for work in a courier city service, it is quite acceptable. The Peugeot Partner Electric motor is powered by 22.5 kWh lithium-ion batteries, which provide the electric van with a range of 170 km. The dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / h is as much as 18.5 seconds, which is extremely short, especially if the owner of the Peugeot Partner Electric ever decides to take a highway or autobahn.

An electric vehicle can be charged from a standard and three-phase household network, as well as from a high-power charging station. Charging times vary from 8 hours to 30 minutes, depending on the type selected.

Exterior and interior of Peugeot Partner Electric

Outside, Peugeot Partner Electric is a typical small-tonnage van of a classic format, that is, a cargo compartment combined with a cab. The hood of the car retained its purpose, but now it houses not a diesel engine, but an electric motor. The batteries in the car are located under the bottom along the entire area of ​​the cargo compartment, this arrangement came in handy, since the stability of the car increased, and most importantly, a lot of internal space for transporting goods was preserved.

The interior is also quite typical, here you will not find expensive finishing materials and flawless fit of parts. Everything in everyday life is simple, reliable and concise. Unlike most electric vehicles, there is not an abundance of electronic gadgets, LCD displays and other attributes of modern cars. The only thing that Peugeot Partner Electric gives out is a modified display of the driver’s instrument panel, on which, instead of the usual tachometer indicators, the degree of power of the electric motor is noted, and the absence of a gear lever is also unusual, since there are simply none.

Inside, the car offers space for 2 or 3 passengers, including the driver, the rest of the space is given to the cargo compartment. The ergonomics of the cabin are ascetic, the seats are not very comfortable, the steering wheel is adjustable only in height, the seating position is high, but too “vertical”. The Peugeot Partner Electric dashboard is finished with hard plastic, the buttons and control knobs for various modes look a little outdated, but work well.

Driving Peugeot Partner Electric

The car drives quietly, but very calmly and sometimes even slowly. Of course, a truck doesn’t need a lot of agility, but still, the dynamics are sorely lacking. Many admit that this is one of the key disadvantages of the car, which cannot be compensated for even by its practical advantages. In city traffic, the car can still cope with unhurried trips, but already on wide avenues, a long acceleration to a hundred in less than 20 seconds makes itself felt. Therefore, the management of Peugeot Partner Electric must be regulated and correspond to the power of the car. In terms of control, there are no complaints, the electric car smoothly enters the turns, the steering wheel confidently obeys the driver, the suspension provides the level of comfort that a cargo van can offer.

The practicality of the electric version of the Peugeot Partner
Since Peugeot Partner Electric is an electric business vehicle, practicality should be considered separately. Yes, indeed, the car is economical and extremely environmentally friendly, however, only corporate customers who take the model on lease or on credit at low interest can afford it. Only in the case of too high fuel costs, when the car travels a distance of about two full charging cycles per day, it makes sense to talk about some kind of practicality and economic feasibility.

Peugeot Partner Electric safety

When it comes to safety, Peugeot Partner Electric is a typical van, with standard active and passive protections. There is an anti-lock braking system, a stability control system and two airbags. It is not yet possible to talk about any relevant modern systems in this generation of the car. The only significant advantage is that the braking distance of an electric vehicle is slightly less than that of its fuel counterpart, which is primarily due to the location of the battery in the floor of the Peugeot Partner Electric and, as a consequence, to the slightly shifted center of gravity of the van.

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