2021 Volkswagen e-Crafter BEV: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

The 2021 Volkswagen e-Crafter BEV is the company’s first all-electric cargo van designed for commercial transport and targeted at the mass consumer.

2021 Volkswagen e-Crafter BEV

Specifications 2021 Volkswagen e-Crafter

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is powered by a 100 kW electric transmission, which includes a 35.8 kWh battery pack providing the electric vehicle with a range of 160 kilometers with a top speed ceiling of 90 km / h.

The cockpit differs from diesel counterparts, the dashboard where instead of the usual tachometer there is an analog speedometer of power indicators. There is also a leather steering wheel with decorative stitching and specially trimmed seats.

The cargo area (depending on the version) is equipped in such a way as to ensure maximum working comfort for employees of courier companies. The loading bay is complete with ProSafe load securing system, Globelyst racking system and Flex-Rack mechanisms.

Driving performance and operating features of the Volkswagen e-Crafter

The electric nature of the Volkswagen e-Crafter makes the vehicle virtually silent. Despite the rather limited power and top speed, the van offers confident acceleration dynamics with excellent handling and directional stability. Let’s make a reservation that the car was originally designed as a van for unhurried work in urban conditions, when dynamic driving is not expected, and the number of stops / starts of the car can reach up to a hundred. The main emphasis when creating an electric car was placed on environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency.

Complete set of electric van Volkswagen e-Crafter

The electric van is based on the latest generation of the Crafter, therefore, like the fuel modifications, it is offered to consumers, equipped with the latest functionality to help and ensure driver comfort. The basic set of equipment includes: Park Assistant with side protection when maneuvering, a high-quality camera with excellent image detail, including rear view.

Also, the basic version of the Volkswagen e-Crafter assumes climate control with automatic operation, heated driver and passenger seats, a navigation system with the ability to update data, a niche for recharging a smartphone and LED optics.
The electric van’s security system includes several airbags, ABS, ESP.

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