10 Most Expected Cars for 2023

So far, the Auto Show is confirmed for November and will bring major launches and among them the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 . The year will have important news among small sedans and SUV’s. To know the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 , see the complete listing below!

10 Most Expected Cars for 2023

In the list of the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 you can find the restyled Ford Ka and Jeep Renegade. In addition, the Volkswagen T-Cross and Citroën C4 Cactus are among the most anticipated!

After 4 years of retention, the auto market in the country is growing again. According to experts from the economic area, the increase in sales can mean, finally, the outcome of a period of crisis.

For the years 2023 and 2023 are expected a 10% increase in sales of zero km or new vehicles. With so many positive developments, the automakers reinvigorated their efforts in:

  • Restoration;
  • New generations;
  • Unpublished models.

According to the official portals linked to this subject, the national market should have 85 news items throughout the year. This number is the highest recorded since 2010! But enough, check out the list of the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 !

1 – Tiggo 4 2023

The Tiggo family will grow here in the country! Slowly the automaker Chery has been looking for your space. If it’s the Tiggo 4 , the 2023 SUV is slightly larger than Nissan Kicks and Honda HR-V .

In the eastern world, the Tiggo 4 2023 can receive 2.0 engine aspirations of 122 horses or 1.5 turbo 147 hp. When it comes to the transmission, the model currently features the 6-speed manual or CVT options.

10 Most Expected Cars for 2023

For US, the best choice will be the turbo engine and as a double, a 6-speed automatic transmission. Only then will the model be able to fight with others who are already a leader in the segment!

2 – Chevrolet Spin 2023

Completely revamped, the 2023 Chevrolet Spin has everything to be one of the big names in the SP Auto Salon. The adventurous version Activ has already been presented and very well criticized. Perhaps for this reason the great expectation to know the other 2023 versions of the model .

The mechanical assembly did not change, with 1.8 of 111 hp. It’s a shame that Chevrolet has lost the chance to better equip Spin in the matter of safety.

Even after the arrival of the new generation, the model still does not have traction controls and stability, which can be a very negative point, since the model among the 10 Cars Most Expected for 2023 is very targeted by large families and with children!

3 – Citroën C4 Cactus 2023

Convened to be Citroen’s grand launch this year, the Citroën C4 Cactus 2023 will come with the 1.6 turbo engine up to 173 hp and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

As standard, the more expensive versions will feature emergency braking and track change alert. Its price should hit the house of $ 24 thousand .

4 – Ford Edge 2023

The new model was introduced shortly at the Auto Show in Detroit and from there, it will land here in the country. In addition to the fully repaginated look, the SUV has gained more safety equipment, among them the highlight goes for automatic braking and adaptive speed control.

Regarding the engine, the new Edge 2023 will be equipped with the 340 hp V6.

5 – Ford KA 2023

Undoubtedly, the Ford KA 2023 is one of the most anticipated releases in the compact segment. After the presentation of the new version FreeStyle, the manufacturer only left the consumers even more curious about the other configurations.

It’s official, in 2023 the KA will come with side protection bars, sturdier steels and even side and curtain airbags. The options of motorizations must be 1.0 and the new 1.5 of 3 cylinders and 137 hp. Already the automatic exchange is still a icognita about being or not present.

6 – Hyundai Azera 2023

Did you think Hyundai would not be among the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 ? So think again! The big Hyundai Azera sedan was unveiled almost two years ago, but it’s pretty much official that the model will not get updates.

You will arrive in the country with the same V6 engine, multimedia center with Apple CarPlay, control of the steering modes, alert of change of track and full LED headlights!

7 – Volkswagen Gol and Voyage automatic

The duo are giving what to talk on social networks! To the joy of consumers of popular models, it will be the end of the stride of the automated I-Motion.

The launch of Gol 2023 and Voyage 2023 will be coming soon! The Tiptronic 6-speed transmission will be married to the 1.6-liter 104 hp engine.

8 – T-Cross 2023

The compact SUV is one of the top 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023! There is still very little official information about the model, really VW is making a mystery.

One of the biggest rumors about the T-Cross 2023 is that it has among the engines the 1.0 turbo engine of 128 hp is also used Polo , Virtus and Golf .

9 – Volkswagen Jetta 2023

The sedan soon gained a new generation. The Jetta 2023 got bigger and also simpler. The launch should be at the end of the year, with the awaited one at the Auto Show as one of the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 .

The engine will be the same as the USA, the 1.4 turbo, with 150 horsepower in all versions. The manual gearbox may be the 6-speed automatic or the 8-speed automatic.

10 – Nissan Frontier 2023

And to close the list of the 10 Most Expected Cars for 2023 , we have a pickup truck! About to start production in the pickup in Argentina, the Nissan Frontier 2023 should arrive with cheaper versions and even with manual transmission.

All this to become a stronger competitor of the Chevrolet S10 and Toyota Hilux .

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